Where Can I Find Community-sourced Map Updates For GPS Devices?

If you’re constantly on the move and rely on GPS devices to navigate, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of outdated maps. When the roads and landmarks don’t align with your trusty GPS, it can be a recipe for getting lost. But fear not, because there’s a solution right at your fingertips. In this article, we’ll uncover the secret to finding reliable community-sourced map updates for your GPS devices. Say goodbye to wrong turns and hello to accurate directions!

Online Mapping Communities

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a widely recognized and highly regarded open-source online mapping community. It allows users to view, edit, and contribute to geographical data freely. OSM provides a collaborative platform where individuals can add, update, and improve map details. From street names to landmarks, OSM offers a wide range of categories that users can edit. With a strong emphasis on accuracy and completeness, OSM has developed into an essential resource for map enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker is another notable online mapping community, powered by none other than Google. It allows users to contribute and edit map data, assisting in the improvement of Google Maps. With Google Map Maker, users can add new places, roads, and points of interest, ensuring that the map remains up-to-date and accurate. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to participate. Google Map Maker’s community-sourced updates provide real-time information, enabling GPS device users to benefit from the latest changes in their local area.

HERE Map Creator

HERE Map Creator is an online mapping community specific to HERE maps, a mapping and location data company. It allows users to make changes and additions to the map data, ensuring its accuracy. HERE Map Creator focuses on enhancing the quality of mapping details, such as road attributes, points of interest, and turn restrictions. By crowdsourcing updates through HERE Map Creator, both GPS manufacturers and end users can benefit from more accurate and comprehensive maps.


Mapillary is a unique online mapping community that focuses on street-level imagery. It allows users to capture and share street-level photos, which can be used to enhance maps and provide additional visual information. This crowd-sourced platform offers a collaborative environment where users can contribute to map updates by uploading photos, geo-tagging them, and creating a visual representation of the world. With Mapillary, GPS device users can access up-to-date imagery and gain a better understanding of their surroundings.

Waze Map Editor

Waze Map Editor is a community-centric online mapping platform powered by the popular navigation app, Waze. It empowers users to actively engage in updating maps with real-time information. Waze Map Editor allows users to add and edit road details, report road closures, and provide information on new places and businesses. By tapping into the collective intelligence of its dedicated community, Waze Map Editor ensures that map updates are timely and reliable, offering enhanced navigation experiences for GPS device users.

GPS Device Manufacturers


Garmin is a renowned and trusted manufacturer of GPS devices, catering to a wide range of industries and users. Known for their reliability and accuracy, Garmin devices are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, aviation professionals, and drivers alike. When it comes to map updates, Garmin offers their own software, Garmin Express, which provides users with the latest maps, software updates, and even additional features. Garmin has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that their users have access to accurate and up-to-date maps.


TomTom is another prominent name in the GPS device industry, known for their innovative navigation solutions. TomTom devices offer a seamless navigation experience, providing real-time traffic updates, voice-guided directions, and advanced route planning features. To keep maps up-to-date, TomTom offers their Map Share technology, allowing users to contribute map changes and share updates with the TomTom community. By involving their users in the map update process, TomTom ensures that their devices provide accurate and reliable navigation information.


Magellan is a trusted GPS device manufacturer, offering navigation solutions for various industries and applications. Their devices are designed to provide users with accurate positioning, detailed maps, and advanced features. To ensure the accuracy of their maps, Magellan offers free map updates through their Content Manager software. By regularly updating their maps with community-sourced inputs and verified data, Magellan enables their users to navigate with confidence and stay on track.

Smartphone Apps


Maps.me is a popular smartphone app that provides detailed offline maps for navigation purposes. It offers worldwide coverage, allowing users to download maps of various regions and access them without an internet connection. Maps.me relies on OpenStreetMap data, ensuring that users have access to accurate and up-to-date maps. With the ability to add and edit information on its maps, Maps.me allows users to contribute to the community and improve the accuracy of the maps they rely on.

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic GPS Navigation is a feature-rich smartphone app that offers offline maps, voice-guided navigation, and real-time traffic updates. It covers both city and countryside navigation, making it suitable for various scenarios. Sygic GPS Navigation utilizes crowd-sourced map updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest changes. By incorporating user contributions, Sygic GPS Navigation delivers maps that are constantly evolving and improving.


MapFactor is a navigation app that prides itself on utilizing OpenStreetMap data for providing reliable and up-to-date maps. It offers turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, offline maps, and precise route planning features. MapFactor allows users to contribute to the OpenStreetMap community by adding and editing map details. With MapFactor, users can actively participate in keeping the maps accurate and comprehensive.

Scout GPS Navigation

Scout GPS Navigation is a smartphone app that combines real-time navigation with user-generated updates. It offers voice-guided directions, traffic updates, and a user-friendly interface. With Scout GPS Navigation, users can actively report map changes, such as road closures, new businesses, and even speed traps. By relying on the contributions of its community, Scout GPS Navigation ensures that its users have access to accurate and real-time map updates.


Navmii is a navigation app that aims to provide accurate and reliable maps to its users. It offers both online and offline navigation options, as well as community-sourced map updates. Navmii users can submit corrections and additions to the map data, ensuring that the maps remain up-to-date and comprehensive. By actively involving users in the map update process, Navmii creates a collaborative environment that benefits the entire community.

Online Forums and Discussion Boards

GPS Underground

GPS Underground is a popular online forum that caters to GPS device enthusiasts. It provides a platform for users to discuss various topics related to GPS devices, map updates, and software modifications. With a vast and active community, GPS Underground offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for those seeking assistance or sharing their experiences. It serves as a hub for GPS device users to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

GPS Power Forum

GPS Power Forum is another vibrant online community that revolves around GPS devices, navigation software, and map updates. It features a variety of discussion boards and sub-forums dedicated to different GPS device brands and software solutions. GPS Power Forum encourages active participation, allowing users to share their insights, seek advice, and collaborate on map-related projects. By leveraging the collective knowledge of its users, GPS Power Forum fosters a supportive environment that promotes learning and growth.

XDA-Developers Forum

While primarily known for its focus on smartphone development and modification, the XDA-Developers Forum also offers valuable resources for GPS device users. Within the forum, users can find dedicated sections that discuss GPS-related topics, including map updates, navigation software, and customization options. The XDA-Developers Forum provides a unique blend of technical knowledge and community support, making it a worthwhile destination for those seeking to enhance their GPS device experience.

Social Media Groups and Pages

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups play a significant role in connecting like-minded individuals and fostering communities focused on specific interests. In the context of GPS devices and map updates, numerous Facebook Groups cater to this niche. By joining these groups, users can engage in discussions about map updates, share their experiences, and seek advice from fellow GPS device enthusiasts. These groups provide a platform for users to connect and collaborate in a social environment.


Reddit, a popular online platform, hosts numerous communities called subreddits that focus on specific subjects. There are several subreddits dedicated to GPS devices and map updates, where users can ask questions, share tips and tricks, and exchange information and resources. Subreddits provide a dynamic and interactive space, fostering conversations and collaborations among GPS device users.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups offer a professional environment for individuals interested in specific topics or industries to connect and engage. In the context of GPS devices and map updates, there are LinkedIn Groups where professionals, enthusiasts, and industry experts discuss various aspects of GPS technology and map maintenance. These groups provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and access to industry knowledge.

GPS Device Review Websites

GPS Tracklog

GPS Tracklog is a comprehensive website that specializes in GPS device reviews, news, and updates. It offers unbiased and in-depth reviews of various GPS devices, helping users make informed decisions based on their specific requirements. With a focus on user experience, GPS Tracklog provides valuable insights into map updates, accuracy, and software compatibility. By reviewing and analyzing GPS devices, GPS Tracklog assists users in finding the best GPS device that suits their needs.


GPSTrackReview is another prominent website that focuses on GPS device reviews and evaluations. It provides detailed reviews of GPS devices, covering aspects such as performance, map updates, and user experience. GPSTrackReview offers a comprehensive analysis that takes into account the needs of different types of users, including outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and drivers. By evaluating GPS devices and their map update capabilities, GPSTrackReview helps users make informed decisions.

GPS Review

GPS Review is a trusted resource for GPS device reviews and news. It offers a wealth of information on GPS devices, including their map update capabilities. GPS Review provides side-by-side comparisons of different GPS devices, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in terms of map accuracy and update frequency. With its detailed and comprehensive reviews, GPS Review assists users in selecting the best GPS device that meets their navigation needs.

GPS Magazine

GPS Magazine is a publication dedicated to all things GPS-related, including technology updates, device reviews, and map updates. It offers a platform for GPS device manufacturers, industry experts, and enthusiasts to share insights and information. GPS Magazine covers the latest developments in map updates, discussing both community-sourced updates and official manufacturer updates. By staying up-to-date with GPS Magazine, users can access valuable information on map update resources.

Crowdsourcing Platforms


Mapillary, previously mentioned as an online mapping community, also functions as a crowdsourcing platform. Through Mapillary, users can contribute street-level imagery by capturing and uploading photos. These photos serve as valuable input for improving maps, providing visual context to locations. By contributing photos to Mapillary, users actively participate in the crowdsourcing of map updates, helping to enhance the accuracy and visual representation of their surroundings.

Map Creator

Map Creator, previously mentioned as a tool specific to HERE maps, is also a crowdsourcing platform. It allows users to edit and update map data, ensuring that the maps reflect the latest changes in the real world. By crowdsourcing map updates through Map Creator, users contribute to the accuracy and completeness of the maps that GPS device users rely on. With the participation of the community, Map Creator helps create reliable and up-to-date maps.

Waze Map Editor

Waze Map Editor, also mentioned as an online mapping community provided by Waze, doubles as a crowdsourcing platform. Through Waze Map Editor, users can actively contribute to map updates by adding and editing road details, reporting closures, and providing information on new businesses and points of interest. Waze Map Editor incorporates these crowd-sourced updates into its maps, ensuring that GPS device users benefit from real-time and accurate information.

HERE Map Creator

HERE Map Creator, previously mentioned as an online mapping community specific to HERE maps, also serves as a crowdsourcing platform. Users can actively contribute to map updates through Map Creator by editing road attributes, adding points of interest, and verifying existing data. HERE Map Creator’s crowdsourcing approach ensures that the map data is constantly improving and becoming more accurate. By participating in the crowdsourcing efforts, users contribute to the overall quality of map updates.

Overall, crowdsourcing platforms provide opportunities for users to actively contribute to map updates. By harnessing the collective knowledge, experiences, and efforts of the community, these platforms ensure that maps are accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of real-world changes.

Local Volunteer Organizations

Local governments

Local governments play a crucial role in maintaining and updating maps within their respective jurisdictions. Municipal and regional planning departments, alongside transportation and infrastructure agencies, collaborate to ensure that maps are constantly updated with accurate information. These organizations rely on local volunteers, such as community mappers and data collectors, to provide on-the-ground information to support map updates. By working in collaboration with these local volunteer organizations, GPS device users can benefit from precise and up-to-date map data in their areas.

Non-profit organizations

Various non-profit organizations, such as the Red Cross and mapping-focused organizations like Missing Maps, contribute to community-sourced map updates. These organizations often rely on volunteers worldwide to contribute and validate map data, especially in under-mapped areas or regions affected by natural disasters. By participating in these efforts, volunteers can actively contribute to improving maps for GPS device users, ensuring that accurate information is available wherever it is needed.

Geocaching communities

Geocaching communities, consisting of individuals passionate about treasure hunting using GPS coordinates, contribute to map updates through their activities. Geocachers often explore off-the-beaten-path locations, documenting hidden gems and unique features not typically found on mainstream maps. By reporting these findings and sharing them with the geocaching community, geocachers contribute to the overall improvement and accuracy of maps. GPS device users can benefit from these updates when navigating lesser-known areas or seeking out unconventional points of interest.

Local Meetup Groups

Geocaching Meetup Groups

Geocaching Meetup Groups provide a platform for geocachers to connect, share experiences, and plan outings. These groups often discuss various aspects of geocaching, including map updates and new hidden treasures. By joining Geocaching Meetup Groups, individuals can meet like-minded enthusiasts, learn about the latest map updates, and collaborate on projects to improve geocaching maps.

Technology Enthusiast Groups

Technology enthusiast meetup groups, such as those focused on GPS devices and navigation, provide opportunities for individuals to gather and discuss their shared interests. These groups often discuss map updates, new technologies, and advancements in GPS devices. By participating in these groups, individuals can learn about the latest map updates, share their knowledge, and collaborate on projects related to GPS device mapping. These meetup groups offer a friendly and supportive environment for individuals to connect and expand their understanding of GPS technology.

Academic Institutions

University Geography Departments

University geography departments often engage in research and practical projects related to geospatial data and mapping. These departments typically have faculty members and students who explore various aspects of map updates, including crowd-sourcing and community mapping. By collaborating with university geography departments, GPS device manufacturers and developers can benefit from academic expertise and cutting-edge research in map updates. This partnership ensures that GPS devices have access to the most advanced and accurate map data.

GIS Research Centers

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) research centers, often associated with universities or research institutions, focus on the development and application of mapping technologies. These centers conduct research on map updates, data collection, and map accuracy. By collaborating with GIS research centers, GPS device manufacturers and developers can tap into the latest advancements in map update technologies and methodologies. This collaboration ensures that GPS device users have access to highly accurate and up-to-date maps.

In conclusion, community-sourced map updates for GPS devices can be found through various online mapping communities, GPS device manufacturers, smartphone apps, online forums and discussion boards, social media groups and pages, GPS device review websites, crowdsourcing platforms, local volunteer organizations, local meetup groups, and academic institutions. By utilizing these resources and actively participating in map updates, GPS device users can ensure that they have access to accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive maps for their navigation needs.